Update for COVID-19

The current health crisis has impacted every single one of us. This has been a time of great uncertainty and stress. As you may be experiencing, stress can wreak havoc on a healthy diet. We tend to fall back on old habits, reach for extra comfort, and lack the energy required to plan and prepare meals.

There are many ways we can take care of ourselves during this time. We can make sure to stay active and social, even if it’s through a computer. We can make sure to find comfort when emotions are strong. And we can eat foods that nourish our bodies. I can help you find a way to eat well during this time of increased stress, when making these healthy choices seems impossible.

While we wait for the COVID-19 virus to subside, the best thing we can do as individuals is stay home. To this end, all appointments will continue to be held over secure video conference.

Most insurance companies have relaxed their restrictions for telemedicine and are paying for video appointments the same as an in-office visit. Learn more about insurance coverage here.

Existing clients can request a follow-up appointment here.

New clients can request a free phone consult here.

Answers to many questions can be found under the For Clients tab above. As always, you are welcome to reach out to me directly here.

COVID April 28, 2020