Tobi Page

Hi, my name is Tobi and I am the founder of Eating is a Lifestyle.
I’m a Registered Dietitian, entrepreneur, a nutrition enthusiast, and a foodie!

Thank you for your interest! As a dietitian, I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people find their way to a healthy lifestyle with food. It may be an understatement to say I’m living my dream job. Since high school I have wanted to operate a private practice where I work with people of all walks of life, one-to-one, on how they can make sustainable improvements that matter to their health.

I opened my practice in 2011 and I’ve loved every minute of it! My favorite part about my job is hearing the relief in my client’s when they learn they don’t need to give up favorite foods and everything is on the table. It’s like finding people in a dark cave of dieting and showing them the way out.

My Vision
Healthy eating is a lifestyle for everyone.