Virtual Counseling

What if you could eat what you wanted, when you wanted, and how much you wanted AND be energized, full, satisfied, and healthy, WITHOUT restriction?
That would be amazing!

I have some exciting information to share with you if you are looking for a healthy eating pattern that is easy to follow, sustainable, and fits your health and nutrition needs.

It’s called Intuitive eating.

  • Intuitive eating is more than just eating whatever you want and accepting what happens. It’s learning to listen to your body to understand how to feed yourself in the best way so that you feel great and enjoy your life with food.
  • During our sessions I will be your guide to helping you create balanced meals and recognize your body’s signals. We will focus on small changes that build over time until you are confident in your new healthy lifestyle.
  • We will meet virtually over a HIPPA-secure platform made just for dietitians.

If it’s not a diet, what is it?

  • Rather than choosing a diet plan and seeing how well we can get you to “stick to it,” we will start with YOU. During our Initial Assessment, I will gather information to help me prepare your Individual Care Plan. This plan serves as our guide for increasing your knowledge of food and nutrition, exploring your body’s cues for hunger and fullness, and establishing new habits that align with your health and wellness goals. This intuitive way of eating eliminates the need to count calories or restrict foods unnecessarily.
  • Specializing in weight management Diabetes/pre-diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and nutrition that fits your lifestyle

“Working with Tobi has been an educational eye-opener! I am learning so much and losing weight in the process. Her suggestions are practical and easy to put into practice. I have learned how to eat in a more healthy manner and have not felt hungry in the process. In fact, at times I think I am eating too much, which Tobi assures me isn’t true. This has been money well spent. Thank you, Tobi!”

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